420 Nerds Guest Bucket List

There are a LOT of amazing nerds out there. And we want to interview as many of them as we possibly can!

So, here’s our bucket list of guests we are dying to have on our show!  They’re alphabetized, because how are we supposed to play favorites????

Bucket List
Guest Episode #
J.J. Abrams  
Jensen Ackles  
Jim Beaver  
Doug Benson  
Mayim Bialik  
Peter Capaldi  
Henry Cavill  
Misha Collins  
Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting  
Felicia Day  
Snoop Dogg  
Chris Evans  
Jimmy Fallon  
Nathan Fillion  
Carrie Fisher  
Harrison Ford  
Johnny Galecki  
Nikki Glaser  
Seth Green  
Rupert Grint  
Mark Hamill  
Chris Hardwick  
Simon Helberg  
Stephen King  
Natasha Leggiero  
Zachary Levi  
Matthew Lewis  
Rikki Lindholm  
Bill Maher  
Marc Maron  
Kate Micucci  
Kunil Nanjiani  
Kunal Nayyar  
Jared Padalecki  
Jim Parsons  
Simon Pegg  
Pauley Perrette  
James and Oliver Phelps  
Chris Pine  
Chris Pratt  
Dan Radcliffe  
April Richardson  
Alan Rickman  
Jason Ritter  
Seth Rogan  
J.K. Rowling  
Mark Sheppard  
Matt Smith  
Ian Somerhalder  
Kyle Stevens  
David Tennant  
Alan Tudyk  
Aisha Tyler  
Emma Watson  
Wil Wheaton  
Joss Whedon  
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