Rubeus Grumpy, Blogger Knight

(UPDATE!: Rubeus Grumpy is currently living in Japan! He will post grumptastic blogs and reviews about Japanese culture, art, media, and travel -just for you!- whenever the opportunity arises. ツ So keep on the lookout for that oriental Bazinga! ツ )

Ruben Cintron was a little kid from Puerto Rico who liked to dream and write stories. Ruben wrote short stories, poetry, and songs (and still does); and with them, won some academic awards in middle school and high school. At some point, he discovered the camcorder and began shooting his own stories as guerilla short films with his friends (and still does!). Then, Ruben attended college. And we think that’s where he grumped out. Rubeus discovered that his road to storytelling had to be paved by his own independence and mischief. He created short film productions and presented them on local screens. He joined an improv theater group and traveled halfway around the world with them, staging, filming, studying the art of… everything. He wrote a fanfic novel, about a videogame, that was never published. He co-starred in an indie Puertorrican/Italian film about theater and actors. He even co-hosted a blog where he jotted down his nightly dreams as short stories…

His creativity was making him… grumpy.

When he landed in Los Angeles, Rubeus had quenched his thirst for art, and now he needed to geek out about it. He found the start of a career in the online video game industry, joined a Harry Potter fan group (Ruben is a Ravenclaw), became an official cosplayer (with his own costumes and everything!) and earned/sneaked his way onto the set of (as a background extra) shows like The Guild, and movies like The Dark Knight Rises. The geek’s life is becoming geekdom. And what better way to express the repressed joy from his childhood dreams than… to… write about geekdom!

On the site, Seeking Bazinga!, he has found a home, and an all-new quest to seek out the best of nerdiness and fandoms out there… to seek the ultimate geek thrill… the BAZINGA!

Rubeus is grumpy. Yes, he is. And he will have no mercy when he reviews the bazinga in YOUR geekdom! Because he will give you the lowdown truth about movies, tv shows, comics, anime, video games, conventions, and more! And he will write about all your favorite geeky things, allthewhile putting that geekily lovable grumptastic in the FACE! (That last bit is grammatically correct and has perfect sentence structure… Whatever it may mean exactly…)

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