Harry Potter Shop at King’s Cross Station!

I am in receipt of an URGENT OWL!

That’s right! I am excited to tell you that I have received information from a special owl post that at King’s Cross Station in London, England a Harry Potter SHOP will be going up!

Can you believe it?

I can! Think of what this will do for the tourist trade for England! This is so very exciting! This means that on your next trip to the UK, you can experience Harry Potter at the train station! Just think it will be as if you were getting on the Hogwarts Express at Platform 9¾! Okay, not exactly like you were getting on a train or anything, but the fact that the shop will be between Platform’s 9 and 10 is very exciting!!

JK Rowling created a world that everyone I know who has read and loved the books wish they’d been allowed to be a part of when they were 11. How I would have loved to learn that I was a witch and was going to an exclusive school in Great Britain (though as an American I would probably go to a version of it in say…Salem rather than London) to be taught to use a wand and make potions and learn spells!

Now, being the amateur journalist that I am (if one considers writing a blog on all things geek to be a journalist) I cannot reveal my exclusive source for this extremely exciting bit of news! All I can say is that someone close to the project spilled the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans!

The epic journey that was and IS Harry Potter is not over. Even though it was completely snubbed at tonight’s Academy Awards for the THREE categories it was nominated for, THE MAGIC of Harry Potter will not be ending any time soon!

First JK Rowling gives us a taste with Pottermore.

Then we find out she’s writing a new book, albeit a non-Harry Potter book. But seriously, it’s a bonafide best seller before it gets printed! Why? All of her Harry Potter fans are going to at least READ it to see what else she can do! Whether or not they like it will be determined after the millions of reviews go up on review and fan sites all over the world!

I, for one, do not see how a woman who wrote such an amazing set of novels with such intricate details and care could possibly write anything less than pure brilliance. But, as will all the other fans, I shall just have to wait and see, won’t I?

Now, as a poor struggling writer (or anyone else who has been affected by this ROTTEN economy) the chances that I will get to see this amazing new shop at Platform 9¾ anytime soon after it’s built will be slim to none. Unless I win the lottery…hrm….I should buy a ticket. I haven’t even gotten to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida yet! (Though a version of it IS coming to Los Angeles, and you can bet your broomsticks I will be there a LOT!!) And yet this FANTABULOUS news still makes me squee like a little girl who just got that pony she’s always wanted for her birthday! I cannot WAIT to see pictures! And I hope they so a special about the opening!

Now, my wonderful Harry Potter fans and lovers, grab your owls and go forth to spread this amazingly spectacular news!

Just remember, you heard it from me, Bazingirl, first! And hopefully more news about the shop will be forthcoming!!!

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